Monday, June 12, 2017

Tessa Evans-Campbell, who has been the MSW program director since 2012, will become the associate dean of academic affairs, replacing Emiko Tajima, on July 1. During her tenure as academic dean, Emiko brought CWTAP and the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence under the Dean’s office for academic oversight and coordination. She also streamlined hiring practices. The associate dean of academic affairs and academic program director positions rotate every few years. 

“Emiko was and still is our tireless leader in all things academic,” said Dean Eddie Uehara. “Her confident presence in leadership meetings was always reassuring to faculty, staff and students. She came into the position ready to leave her mark of distinction and she will be greatly missed.”

Emiko, who announced that Tessa will take over as associate dean of academic affairs, commented on her replacement’s compassionate and caring nature. “Tessa’s outreach with different student populations is commendable. Lucky for us, she will literally be down the hall to help steer the School’s academic portfolio. We are excited for all the talents that Tessa will bring to this position.“

Maureen Marcenko, Charles O. Cressey Endowed Professor with a research focus on vulnerable children and families, replaces Tessa as MSW program director.