Thursday, October 19, 2017

The School of Social Work has a student with a life-threatening allergy to airborne bell pepper scent or particles. The student is unable to breathe (experiencing anaphylactic shock) if anyone brings bell peppers into the building. This includes both standard and mini-bell peppers. 

What you can do to help keep this student safe:

  • Never bring bell peppers into the social work building. 
  • If you do forget and bring bell peppers, do not open the container in the building and do not dispose of them in the building. 
  • If you accidentally open or heat a container that has bell peppers in the building, please email and and let us know immediately so that we can warn the student to avoid the area. 

Thank you! Your awareness and action to protect this student’s health and welfare is appreciated and creates an accessible space for everyone. Please remind each other about these precautions whenever possible.