Thursday, February 20, 2020

Be sure to check out the School’s newest e-communication called Offer Updates, devoted to all things research. 

The publication, which launched January 14 and comes out every Tuesday, is a compendium of research-focused information—from new studies, publications by the School community and funding opportunities to presentations, awards, conferences and events. 

Offer Upates is produced by the Office for Faculty Excellence and Research, under the direction of associate deans David Takeuchi and Rona Levy. The weekly bulletin will help the School maintain its tradition of high-impact scholarship, making it easier for faculty and staff to stay up to date on research grants, conferences, funding opportunities and more—all in one place. 

The newsletter’s name is a shortened version of Office for Faculty Excellence and Research. Several staff members suggested names for this new e-publication. The winning entry was created by Rick Kosterman, principal investigator with SDRG, and Emiko Tajima, executive director, Partners for Our Children. Congratulations, Rick and Emiko!

Courtney Howell, a School research coordinator, is the editor and copywriter. If you have an item you’d like to submit, send an email to Courtney by Thursday for publication the following Tuesday, and use the word "Newsletter" in the subject line. You can also call them at 206-685-4077.