Tuesday, October 22, 2019

School of Social Work lecturer Norma Timbang has been named one of four 2019 awardees for the Acey Social Justice Feminist Award. Norma is a lifelong queer activist whose work is well-known across the Pacific Northwest. She has been deeply involved in social justice and racial equity, organizational healing, transformative justice, domestic violence and intimate partner violence work, feminist anti-violence work and disability justice movements.

“I am so very grateful and am feeling a strong sense of honor and humility to have been recognized among several amazing people who have done such outstanding work in our communities,” says Norma.  “This kind of acknowledgement helps to inspire me to keep going on, to know I am not alone and to thrive from a place of community support. It’s been a long road and so many more paths to go.” 

The Acey Social Justice Feminist Award was launched in 2017 to honor the lesbian, queer and transgender elders, age of 62 and over, whose activism and contributions to their communities paved the way for way for new generations of U.S. organizers. The award was created in honor of Astraea’s executive director emerita, Katherine Acey, who led Astraea for 23 years and is herself a fierce advocate for queer, lesbian and transgender elders.

Join us in celebrating Norma’s lifelong activism!