Two positions in financial operations were recently filled: Saul Clifasefi became the assistant director of finance administration on March 12 and Shirley Alcantara joined the staff as a budget/fiscal unit supervisor with the Dean’s office.

Before joining the School, Saul was a contracts manager at UW’s CoMotion for more than 13 years. There he specialized with systems, policies and procedures, faculty and community members and outside organizations, helping develop intellectual property that supports innovation and impact. 

His extensive University experience makes him a great fit and a remarkable resource to lead our core business and finance operations. Originally from New Zealand, Saul actually has “family roots” to the School: His wife received an MSW here last year!

"I'm excited to use my administrative skills to support the School community," said Saul. "I feel lucky to work within such a supportive community and know that I'll have many opportunities to listen, learn and grow."

Shirley Alcantara, who reports to Saul, has a dual role with HR/Payroll with Workday. Shirley has worked at the UW for nearly 35 years, most recently at the School’s Social Development Research Group. Those of you who know Shirley can attest to her great attitude and wealth of knowledge.

“I am excited to announce the addition of Saul and Shirley to the Dean’s office,” said Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration Vicki Anderson-Ellis. “They are both serving in critical roles and I know their extensive knowledge and experience will be extremely instrumental in helping manage our core financial operations. We look forward to working with both of them!”

We hope you’ll stop by to say hello to both Saul and Shirley. They are located in the Dean’s office suite.