Monday, May 15, 2017

Workday is the new software system replacing the UW’s antiquated, 35-year-old, legacy payroll process and its many ancillary systems. This centralized and standardized cloud-based system, which will be used by more than 45,000 employees across all three campuses, the medical centers and off-site facilities, launches in June 2017.

Here are some key Workday benefits:

  • 24/7, easy-to-use application that works on PCs and Macs.
  • Immediate access for executives, managers and administrators to current HR and payroll information.
  • Online benefits enrollment and up to three direct deposit options.
  • Reduction in manual paperwork, duplicative data entry and data-entry errors.
  • Increased transparency and accountability through auditable business process workflows.
  • Consistent implementation of the latest technological upgrades across the UW HR and payroll systems.

For a complete overview of Workday, visit Workday at UW Technology.

What you need to do by May 31
The first stage of Workday is called Duo, which is the new way all leave requests, timesheets and other routine employee actions will be processed. All UW employees must be enrolled in Duo by May 31. To find out what you need to do, go to MySSW and select the Human Resources button, where you will find weekly Workday updates. The May 10 update tells you how to register for DUO. 

School of Social Work HR Director Julie Holmberg will be sending out updates every Wednesday. Please pay close attention to these communications and respond to any action items. If you have questions, please contact Julie at