Welcome to the UW School of Social Work’s (SSW) online data management tool called System To Administrate Records (STAR). This account creation procedure is for people who do not have a UW NetID.

If you have a UW NetID, go to STAR to log in. If you do not have a UW NetID, please take a few minutes to create an account to safely access this new web based application. Also, see the security information at the bottom to help us create and preserve a safe computing environment.

Please use the current version of web browser for security and compatibility reasons (please see the end of this document for ways to upgrade.)

  1.  Use a web browser to navigate to: https://login.socialwork.uw.edu/register. You will move to the User ID registration page and complete the registration form. (Important: Use your email address that Field Education used to invite you to STAR because it is the way we get you into STAR. Also, use your full email address as the username, e.g. you@me.com.)
  2. Check your email account for the confirmation message and click the link in the email so you can confirm that your ProtectNetwork ID activation was successful. Make sure to check your SPAM/Junk Email folder for the confirmation email if you do not see it after 30 minutes or so. If you do not receive a confimation email then your email server probably blocks third-party emails like this so please select this link to fill out this form so we can help you: Contact STAR Technical Support.
  3. Please log into the UW SSW STAR application at https://star.ssw.washington.edu/ (bookmark this web address for future reference) by selecting the Protect Network button, entering your new UserID (full email address) and password on the login page which will take a few seconds to be presented. You will then move back to your STAR application page after your UserID (full email address) and Password have been accepted. 

Note: You must enter through the UW SSW STAR application in order for ProtectNetwork to know that you wish to log into the STAR system (e.g. One can’t work in STAR by first going to login.socialwork.uw.edu).

General Security Information:

SSW is opening up a portion of student, agency and faculty information to their respective owners which increases the school’s data risk. We depend on end users to have secure computing environments to decrease this risk. Please help us by taking five minutes to read these guidelines to ensure a safe environment at your location and here at the school.

Please use the most current version of web browser(s) for security and compatibility reasons.
How to upgrade your web browser (type in the address field of any browser the following links or mouse click them):
Internet Explorer
Mozilla FireFox
Google Chrome