Brooke Martin

Development and Facilitation Specialist, Alliance

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Brooke Martin began her work with the Alliance as a Development and Facilitation Specialist in 2021. She comes to this work bringing a wealth of experience after 23 years as a Child Protective Services investigator, serving Washington state families and those in the Walla Walla region.

Beginning her work toward creating strong systems of support, Brooke obtained her Bachelor’s of Arts  in Criminal Justice/Sociology at Washington State University. Using this foundational work as a springboard for her passion in the field she later received her Master’s in Social Work from Walla Walla University. Brooke obtained her Doctorate in Education, with an emphasis in Child/Family Studies in 2008. Her dissertation focused on Child Forensic Interviewing Protocols, which has been instrumental in her service with CPS and now with the Alliance in her collaboration with workforce professionals.

Outside of her work with the Alliance, Brooke teaches Human Services, Sociology and Criminal Justice at the Walla Walla Community College, helping to prepare new social workers and professionals entering into the field. Her education and CPS backgrounds are utilized at the Alliance as being one of the key facilitators in the Regional Core Training program for new workforce employees as well as in curriculum development for new and existing trainings.

Brooke’s well-rounded career is paired with a rich personal life, which she shares with her husband Dale, two Bloodhounds and one German Shepard. In her free time, Brooke spends time riding her horses and competing in Barrel Racing. She also enjoys camping with friends as well as running her small rental property meeting new friends along the way.