Colleen McGuire

Alliance Coach, Region 1 Eastern Washington

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Off Campus

Colleen comes to the Alliance with many years of CA experience. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from George Mason University, Colleen entered the United States Army where she received further training as a therapist and psychometrist. Colleen provided therapeutic services and neuropsychometric testing to service members and their families.  Upon receiving an Honorable Discharge, Colleen began working in community mental health where she worked with people with serious mental illness in both residential and community settings, as well as providing therapy services to individuals and families.  Upon moving to the Yakima Valley, Colleen obtained her Master’s in Social Work from Eastern Washington University and began working for Children’s Administration where she has worked for nearly 14 years in CPS and Quality Assurance/Continuous Quality Improvement. 

Colleen has participated in many case reviews throughout the Region 1 offices.  Colleen has also provided numerous trainings to staff in Children’s Administration on a variety of topics and is DSHS Lean Certified.  In addition to her training experience at Children’s, she has served as both Undergraduate and Graduate adjunct faculty for Heritage University, BSW program and Eastern’s part-time MSW program.