Shyla Rose Reed

Admissions & Outreach Specialist
BASW, University of Washington Seattle

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As the Admissions & Outreach Coordinator, Rose assists prospective BASW and MSW students through the application process by conducting outreach, answering student questions and concerns throughout the application process via email, phone, and zoom appointments, and application screening. Rose's journey to social work started in high school, where she was a band student organizing and advocating for the reinstatement of music education programs in her district’s elementary and middle schools, hoping to regain access to music education across the low-income district. After a year of studying music education in college, Rose transferred to the University of Washington’s School of Social Work where she earned her BASW. Since then, she has volunteered in a variety of places, ranging from Northwest Harvest to the Adoptee Mentorship Program, to her new SSW position as the Admissions and Outreach Coordinator. 

Professional Interests: Community work and higher education access