The University of Washington health sciences schools (of which the School of Social Work is one) signs “Affiliation Agreements” with area agencies so that our students may be placed in practicums at those agencies. Compliance with certain immunizations and screenings are part of those agreements. The UW is required to track and provide verification that our students meet these requirements before we can allow our students onto practicum sites (and if they fall out of compliance, we must pull the students from the sites.) The Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) is the office that tracks this compliance.

Students in all UW health sciences programs must comply with HSIP requirements, which are based on CDC recommendations for health care personnel regarding immunizations, immune status, and TB screening. The HSIP requirements and CDC recommendations may change during a student’s tenure in a UW health sciences program. If the HSIP requirements and CDC recommendations change after the student meets initial HSIP requirements, the student will be required to comply with the updated HSIP requirements until the completion of their degree program. The only exception to this policy is that students in the schools of Social Work, Public Health, and Dentistry who began their program in 2014 or earlier may continue to “opt out” of flu vaccine for personal or medical reasons. 

Health Science Immunization Program:

Frequently Asked Questions

I turned in measles immunization Documentation - aren't I done?
No. The UW has a measles immunization requirement, but that isn’t enough to be compliant in any of the UW Health Sciences Schools.  You must submit information listed above.

What is the fee and what will it cover?
There is no longer an annual fee, but rather a quarterly fee. An $18-$24 (depending on program) quarterly fee will be charged to your tuition statement for HSIP's services. Please see the HSIP website for more information on the Health Fee.

May I opt out of any of these requirements?
There are no exemptions for these requirements short of medical contraindications, which must be documented annually. 

Where can i find low-cost immunizations and screenings?
Health Care Resources 

More info about finding low-cost health coverage is at Washington Health Plan Finder.

How can I check to see if I've done everything I'm supposed to do?  *This process will be changing for the 2018-2019 academic year*

Email your name, student #, program, and year in program to and ask. Just remember, you'll still have to get a PPD or IGRA in the early summer and a flu shot in early September each year to maintain compliance!

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