Candidates apply for their certificate directly to the WA Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Application files can be opened prior to MSW graduation.

Students will need to present evidence of completion of MSW degree, and completion of the 30-hour course in school law. OSPI facilitates fingerprinting. The Praxis II exam is no longer offered or required.

Resources UW SSW and UW Tacoma will continue to offer (budget permitting):

  • School Social Work Course: UW Seattle and UW Tacoma offer the School Social Work course for current students and graduate non-matriculated students on a space-available basis. A different, and more abbreviated course is offered through the Puget Sound Educational Services District office in Renton and intended only for candidates that have completed their MSW degree. Both of thesecourses meet the requirements of WAC 181-79A-223.
  • Advising: Students interested in social work practice in a school setting can receive advising on School Social Work Certification from the Office of Field Education at UW SSW and the Practicum Coordinators at UW Tacoma. Additional advising is also available from the Washington Association of School Social Workers (WASSW) and OSPI. (Please see Contact page).
  • Field experience: UW SSW and UW Tacoma will continue to offer practicum/field experience to currently enrolled students provided the schools are able to meet the requirements of the Office of Field Education. For people who have already finished their MSW degree, the UW School of Social Work (Seattle and Tacoma) will not be able to coordinate a practicum/field experience for you. Please contact the WASSW for questions regarding practicum/field experience in school social work after having finished your MSW degree.