The UW School of Social Work requires that all students admitted into our MSW DAY and EDP programs complete a course in Statistics before they are able to enroll in specific courses in the program. This is NOT a prerequisite for admission nor are these courses considered in the admission process but the expectation is that all admitted students will complete these courses in a timely manner – or it could jeopardize progress in the program. For this reason, we encourage students to take the courses as soon as possible (and it will likely save the student money if s/he is able to take the courses as part of the bachelor’s degree or at a community college). Please don’t plan to fulfill either requirement during the program while you’re carrying a full load of other classes or working full time. Please pay careful attention to the timelines for the different programs.

Statistics Deadline:

MSW DAY -  Before Autumn of 1st year

MSW EDP - Before Autumn of 2nd year

Statistics Information and Requirements

  • Must be a course taken for academic credit at a regionally accredited institution or one of the following certificate courses (see below).
  • No time limit for how long ago the course was taken and no grade requirement as long as the student received credit for the course (may be taken S/NS or Pass/Fail).
  • Any course with “statistics” in the title will automatically be approved.
  • A research methods course in another discipline with significant statistics content may also meet this requirement, but must include basic training in critical thinking via statistical concepts including: ideas of chance variation, probability, techniques in statistical design, sampling, inferences about major population characteristics and interpretation of data and report conclusions. (Course Syllabi and description will be required for a Research Methods course).

If you are still unsure after reading the information above and would like preliminary review of classes, please email syllabi and official catalog description to Please save email response(s) as you’ll be able to submit that as proof that your courses have been evaluated if you’re admitted. You will still need to submit official transcripts for the course(s).

Examples of pre-approved Statistics Courses
Stats 220 // UW - Campus
Ed Psych 490 // UW - Campus
Math 240 // Western Washington University - Campus
Intro to Statistics // Texas State University - San Marcos - Online (will receive a certificate upon completion)
Math 1342 // Central Texas College - Online
Psy 317 // University of Texas at Austin - Online 
Math 146 // Intro to Stats // Renton Technical College - Online
Stats 1 and 2 // - Online (Final test covers concepts from BOTH courses. Students who pass the exam will receive a recommendation for credit, which fulfills our requirement.)
Courses 1 and 2 - Intro to Probability and Data & Inferential Stats  // Duke University - Online through Coursera (must submit certificate for each course completed)

*Please note differences in course titles as courses vary from school to school*