Winter 2018 registration will begin on November 3, 2017

State-sponsored students — BASW, MSW Day, Advanced Standing, and PhD— register online through MyUW.

Fee-based students — MSW Extended Degree Program — register through UW Professional & Continuing Education.  Please see EDP Registration for details.  

UW Academic Calendar: Find important dates, including dates of instruction, registration deadlines, and deadlines for adding, dropping or withdrawing from courses.

Courses in Other UW Departments:  MSW students may take up to 3 credits of electives outside the School of Social Work (400 level or above, related to Social Work).  Students may find courses in other departments on the UW Time Schedule.  If the Time Schedule indicates a registration restriction, students must contact the department offering the course for permission to enroll.   

About a week before registration begins each quarter, Student Services will email you a packet listing all courses offered in the School of Social Work, including dates, times and instructors.  Once available, this scheduling packet will also be posted here. 

Before the quarter begins, the most accurate scheduling information will come directly from the School of Social Work (in emails to students, posted on this website, etc.).  After the quarter begins, students should consult the official university time schedule (UW Time Schedule for state-sponsored students; PCE Time Schedule for fee-based students) for accurate and up-to-date information about class dates, times, instructors and locations. 

Disclaimer: The School of Social Work reserves the right to (1) add or delete courses; (2) change instructor, time, day or location of courses; (3) cancel any course for insufficient registration or academic/administrative decision without notice; (4) unregister students from courses for which they have mis-enrolled, have not received permission to enroll, or enrolled for an excessive number of credits; or (5) move students into a different section of a multi-section course. Students will be notified of any changes.


All waitlist requests must be submitted through our online Catalyst Survey. We do not accept waitlist requests via email. Emailed submissions will be deleted. 

Winter 2018 waitlist will be available here beginning November 20, 2017 at a minute past midnight (Sunday night going into Monday morning at 12:01am.)  


If you have any other questions or concerns, regarding classes, please email Student Services,

Courses Requiring Instructor Permission: If a Social Work course requires instructor permission, students must still submit a waitlist request, unless otherwise specified.  Student Services will contact the instructor on the student’s behalf and will follow up if space becomes available. Please do not contact instructors.


Tuition Exemption Policy

Students in the MSW Day Program may use their tuition exemption benefit as long as the student completes all of the course requirements each quarter with their cohort. Due to the nature of the coursework and practicum placement, a part-time program or revised program of study is not permitted.  


Students in fee-based programs are not eligible to use their tuition exemption benefit for courses offered through the EDP Program as these courses are self-sustaining and administered through Professional and Continuing Education. A student in the EDP program may use tuition exemption for elective courses only if the elective is a state-funded course that is offered solely in the Day Program or another department. Day courses that are jointly offered with the EDP program are prohibited.