The Writing Center is located in Room 25 on the ground floor, next door to the Student Services office. 

You can read brief bios of the allies/consultants here.  If you have questions for any/all of the tutors email  Let the collaboration begin!  

Pick a tutor based on their style, schedule or by closing your eyes and pointing at the screen.  Schedule an appointment using their online scheduling tools. If a time that fits with your schedule is not available or you want to set up a skype/google hangout, email to schedule an appointment. 

If you are unable to meet with a tutor in person, then you can schedule a phone or e-mail appointment!  (We may also be able to schedule a Skype appointment.)  Please contact us via e-mail at to set up a time.  As a general rule, we prefer to meet with students in person at least once before working via e-mail because it is more difficult to collaborate in that way. However, we are flexible and want to accommodate students’ needs, and we’d be happy to discuss options for us to support you.  If you have a phone appointment, our phone number is: 206.221.2068.  Please note that the phone is on silent 24/7, so we may not answer phone calls unless we are expecting one for a scheduled appointment time.  

Yes! There will be a sign on the Writing Center door indicating when a tutor is “IN” and available for drop-in questions and/or appointments.  

Generally, no.  We find that we are able to work on papers within the 50 minute appointment time frame. However, if you schedule a phone, e-mail, or Skype appointment, then you will need to e-mail a draft before your appointment time.

It depends on your needs. If you would like to write on the paper itself, then yes, a paper copy could be useful.  We also can print your paper in the Writing Center if you would like us to do so. Just e-mail us ahead of time or bring a copy on a USB. You are also welcome to bring your laptop/tablet and work directly on the electronic document. Some students want to brainstorm or talk through ideas, and they don’t have a physical draft to review. That’s fine!  We have paper and writing utensils, and we also are happy to just talk about your writing assignment.  

Yes, we may not have your prompt and should there be any confusion, it will be helpful to have your assignment in front of us. You can also look up your assignment on canvas mid-appointment if you forget the paper version.  

We ask that students give us a 24 hour notice if they need to cancel/reschedule an appointment. However,  we understand that things happen last minute, so sometimes this time frame is not possible. Please just let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment time so that we can plan accordingly. If you are running late, then please send us an e-mail to let us know your ETA.  

We allot 50 minutes for individual writing appointments. We can cover as many writing assignments as you would like during this time frame.  If you would like a shorter appointment, no problem! If you need a longer appointment, then please e-mail your tutor to discuss further.  

We are flexible and want to support students in whatever would be most useful for them during the 50 minutes. During the appointment, we will ask what your goals are for the paper. We may start by reviewing the writing assignment/prompt. Often, students read their papers aloud, and we stop along the way to discuss certain parts. Sometimes the consultant reads the paper aloud or to herself and then discusses with the student. Other times, we don’t look at the paper at all and just talk about what the student is writing. In short, there is no typical appointment.  

Typically, we limit scheduled appointments to one per week in order to allow other students the opportunity to schedule appointments. However, if our schedule permits, then we would be happy to discuss with you the possibility of making more than one appointment per week. The appointment limit is most applicable during the fall quarter, when there is a higher demand for appointments.  We do not have a policy about limits to drop-in appointments.  

As writing consultants and allies working from a social justice perspective, we aim to work collaboratively with students to meet their specified goals. As a result, we do not “edit” per se, but rather we offer resources and support to provide students space for self-empowerment. Our hope is that a self-empowered student will become a stronger writer and self-editor.

While we don’t “edit” papers, we do offer a variety of other writing supports, including: brainstorming, dissecting the prompt, reviewing for flow and concision, practicing paraphrasing, structuring a paper, organizing thoughts, learning to use online resources, looking up APA format for references and in-text citations, navigating the UW library website, reviewing verb tense, looking for active v. passive voice, etc.