The social work writing consultants are here to support you in all aspects of the writing process. Students direct the sessions and inform the services offered by tutors in the Writing Center. Through various stages of the writing process - from brainstorming, thesis development, road mapping, drafting, and finishing touches - we wish to honor your creative process and your unique relationship to writing. As social work writing consultants, the Writing Center tutors can offer multiple resources for students’ self-empowerment. We recognize that as social work students and developing writers, you will go on to be champions of social justice with your voice carrying you far beyond the School of Social Work. 

Astro Pittman (they/them)

Astro is a non-binary, Queer, BIPOC, gothic alien. Astro was born in Italy, raised in Texas, and has called Seattle home for 15 years. Astro is in their second year of the MSW Day program in the Community Centered Integrative Practice concentration.

Astro has extensive experience as a writer, including being the editor-in-chief of the Seattle Collegian for over 3 years, and has won multiple awards for their journalism. With this experience, Astro has developed a strong skill set of advocating for and collaborating with others on their writing projects. Astro’s most staunch commitment in the writing process is ensuring that the writer’s voice comes through in their writing authentically. Astro enjoys engaging in critical dialogue to develop contextual frameworks for expression that are collaborative, egalitarian, interpersonal, and individualized.

As a proponent of the postprocess paradigm, Astro is dedicated to assisting their peers in discovering their own frameworks of understanding within the imperfections of our current institutions, systems, pedagogies, and praxes. Astro’s belief in authenticity shows up in their energy, their work, and their practice. As a person who knows the intersectionality of marginalization firsthand, Astro works from a lens of social justice and anti-oppression that colors everything they do. Astro is especially active in the LGBTQIA+ community and has specialized in research regarding this population for over 5 years.

In their free time, Astro likes to play House music while driving around for no reason, volunteer with social justice organizations, organize events for the LGBTQIA+ community, and take naps.

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Lauren Fernandez (she/her)

Lauren is a student in the MSW Advanced Standing program with a concentration in Clinical Social Work. As a first-generation graduate student with a background in education and social welfare, she hopes to explore ways that education, social welfare, and the arts can intertwine to support the healing and wellbeing of others. 

Growing up in Des Moines, Washington in her grandparents’ house with her younger cousins, she found herself in a tutoring role at a young age. With English being her second language, she learned to navigate between two ways of expressing herself both at home and in school settings and often translated between the two when supporting her younger cousins in their academics. This skill came in handy when she started her work at the Odegaard Writing & Research Center as a peer tutor, where she often worked with college students who were learning English as a second language. Through working with many students on their personal statements, cover letters, and course assignments, Lauren has developed a supportive tutoring style that gives writers agency over their own writing development.  

In tutoring sessions, Lauren believes in celebrating the writer’s own voice and makes sure to create a welcoming and supportive space where writers can openly discuss their ideas, work through their concerns with their writing, and explore their own voice. Lauren mainly uses a conversational and collaborative approach to make sure that the writer’s concerns and goals are clarified and centered in sessions. Most of all, Lauren hopes to guide writers through making sure their writing is clear to their audience and setting goals together to support the writer’s growth in their writing skills. As a School of Social Work writing tutor, Lauren is excited to continue supporting students with their writing as she further refines her tutoring style to best support her peers. 

In her free time, Lauren enjoys playing music, making crafts, and exploring different parks and cafes to find cozy spaces to exist. 

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Meredith Bird (they/them & she/her)

Meredith is a second year day student, pursuing an MSW within the Clinical track in order to deepen their knowledge of trauma-informed, community-centered approaches to healing. Her specific interests include somatic healing, land rematriation and wealth redistribution. They live at the intersection of white, queer, nonbinary, femme, able-bodied, and class-privileged identities and hold a lifelong commitment to unlearning narratives of supremacy and recognizing identity-based power differentials in her relationships, be they personal or professional. Some of the things that bring Meredith joy are singing with friends, swimming in frigid water, reading with their two cats, baking scones, and spending time in mountains.

As a writing tutor, Meredith strives to create a warm, non-judgemental environment where students feel comfort and agency in generating ideas and staying true to their unique voice. Meredith’s approach also draws from their experience in queer community. Queerness is away of living that centers on being true to oneself, bucking societal norms, and tapping into the power of imagination. These things are also key ingredients to great writing! Learning to love herself as a queer person has given Meredith more tools with which to think outside the box and express themselves authentically. Of course, these tools can be applied by anyone, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. As a writing center tutor, Meredith taps into this toolkit to help nurture others’ creativity and self-expression. They also use it to gently challenge people’s assumptions and push them to recognize places where their thinking might be rigid.

Meredith recognizes that academia does not always feel safe, comfortable or easy to all. Further, many of us have absorbed limiting self-beliefs from past experiences with academic writing in particular. Meredith strives to create a safe container to poke holes in these old stories and create new ones that are more conducive to helping students find their own distinct flow. They also hope to support students in finding joy and creativity in the writing process.

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