The social work writing allies are here to support you in all aspects of the writing process. Students direct the sessions and inform the services offered by allies in the Writing Center. Through various stages of the writing process - from brainstorming, thesis development, road mapping, drafting, and finishing touches - we wish to honor your creative process and your unique relationship to writing. As social work writing consultants, the Writing Center allies can offer multiple resources for students’ self-empowerment. We recognize that as social work students and developing writers, you will go on to be champions of social justice with your voice carrying you far beyond the School of Social Work. Below, you'll find information about tutors and their schedules!

Abby Aparicio

Abby identifies as a queer Latina first-generation student, a Southern California transplant, and self-identifies with she/her pronouns. She is in her final year of the MSW Day Program, pursuing the Health Concentration.

Abby’s tutoring approach is a dynamic, student-centered collaborative approach that is primarily rooted in her own experiences. She believes it is imperative that we do not ascribe to the normalization of what academia deems as “appropriate writing” and instead challenge academic standards by cultivating our critical consciousness. She is conscious of the notion that folks come from different walks in life and strives to support students in whatever step of the writing process you are in. Abby is available to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and honest space to support you and your writing.

In her free time, Abby enjoys exploring the beauty of Mother Earth through backpacking, camping, and hiking. She enjoys gardening and leans in this hobby as a daily form of self-care.

Abby is available:

​​Wednesdays (every other week virtual) 11am - 2pm

Thursdays (in person) 11am - 2pm

Fridays (in person) 12pm - 4pm

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June Simon

June is a white transgender woman from northeast Florida. She is in her final year of the MSW Extended Degree Program, in the Integrative-Health Mental Health concentration.

As a tutor, June supports her peers in writing through a strengths-based, relational approach. She recognizes that a writer’s relationship to writing is influenced by their past experiences and community histories. The experience of writing can be oppressive and/or empowering. In every tutoring session, she strives to listen, honor peers’ experiences, and hold space for processing and discussion. June believes writing may be a tool for personal exploration, social change, and world-making, and she aims to support her peers in bringing forth their authentic voices through it.

Outside school, June enjoys cooking, building queer and trans community, and loving on her friends' pets.

June is available:

Monday drop-in (TBD)

Tuesday drop-in (TBD)

Sunday Virtual

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Alisa Tirado Strayer

Writing did not come naturally to Alisa, but brainstorming and connecting with people has been an area she has long valued. From her own experience working with peer writing tutors, she learned how brainstorming with others could make writing a dynamic, empowering process for her, instead of a task  to dread. In her tutoring, Alisa believes in the importance of the student directing the session, so whether it is finding a paper topic, getting through paragraph two, or needing a fresh perspective, she'll collaborate with the student to find a path through the challenges that arise for that individual during the writing process.

In her own educational path, Alisa is a second year MSW student in the MSW/MPH concurrent degree program concentrating on Multigenerational Families. Alisa identifies as a cisgender mixed-Latina from California. In her spare time, Alisa enjoys drawing, searching for new hot chocolate recipes, and talking about changing the culture of aging.

Alisa is available:

Monday (Virtual) 5pm - 8pm

Tuesdays (Virtual) 5pm - 8pm

Wednesdays 4pm - 7pm

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