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First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone Location Office
J. Mark Eddy
Stacy Edwards Executive Administrative Assistant, Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence stacye18@uw.edu 425-954-0215 SSW
Nicole Eisenberg Research Scientist, SDRG neisen@uw.edu SDRG
Mei Ling Ellis Lecturer
Allison Engstrom PhD Student alliengs@uw.edu SSW B070A2
Marina Epstein Research Scientist/Engineer, SDRG and Lecturer marinaep@uw.edu SDRG
Patricia Erdman Executive Director, Alliance pe3@uw.edu 509-640-1708 SSW 244B
Pauline Erera Associate Professor Emeritus
Elena Erosheva Professor erosheva@uw.edu 206-616-5623 SSW 211B
William (Bill) Etnyre Clinical Professor
Tessa Evans-Campbell Charles O. Cressey Endowed Associate Prof. tecamp@uw.edu 206-543-6075 SSW 201
Diana Falchuk MSW, University of Washington
Tami Farber Lecturer
Megan Farwell Lecturer
Alanna Feltner Lecturer
Taurmini Fentress PhD Student taurmini@uw.edu SSW
Jeremy Figueroa Computer Support Technician 2 jeremyf1@uw.edu SSW B052G
Michelle Flores Continuing Education Specialist, Forefront miflores@uw.edu SSW
Leah Forester Web Computing Specialist lforest@uw.edu SSW 003
Leslie Fouché MSW Admissions Specialist lbfouche@uw.edu 206-685-8344 SSW 023A
John Fowler Research Scientist johnf26@uw.edu P4C
Frankie Fowler Fiscal Specialist frankieg@uw.edu 206-543-8821 SSW 225G
Matthew Frank PhD Student frankma@uw.edu SSW B070A4
Kris Fredrickson Clinical Associate Professor krf3@uw.edu
Karen Fredriksen Goldsen Professor, Director, Goldsen Institute fredrikk@uw.edu 206-543-5722 SSW 202