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First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone Location Office
Nick Klein Communications Specialist, Forefront nickdk@uw.edu SSW RC 252
Jean Kruzich Associate Professor Emerita kruzichj@uw.edu SSW
Annie Kucklick Lecturer
Anne Kucklick Research Coordinator, Center for Women's Welfare akuckl@uw.edu 360-298-2815 Off-Campus
Margaret Kuklinski Endowed Associate Professor in Prevention, Director, Social Development Research Group mrk63@uw.edu 206-221-1956 (SDRG) | SDRG 211B
Micah Kurtz Coach, Alliance mkurtz@uw.edu 206-651-0749 Off-Campus
David La Fazia Lecturer dlafazia@uw.edu 206-685-2872 127F
Joanna La Torre PhD Student jlatorre@uw.edu SSW 215
Carrie Lanza Associate Teaching Professor clanza@uw.edu 206-351-3182 SSW 111G
Jessica Lapham PhD Student jlapham1@uw.edu SSW
Seratha Largie PhD Student srlargie@uw.edu SSW B018C
Poonam Lata Assistant to the CWTAP Associate Director pchant@uw.edu 206-616-7422 SSW 111C
Carly Lauck Research Study Coordinator, SDRG clauck@uw.edu SDRG
Viktorya Lee Computer Support Technician 2, SSWTech vikachu@uw.edu SSW 012
Jane Lee Associate Professor janejlee@uw.edu 206-616-8984 SSW 111D
M. Jared Lemmon Program Operations Specialist, Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence mjlemmon@uw.edu 206-221-7578 SSW RC Research Commons 254A
Justin Lerner Associate Teaching Professor lernerj@uw.edu 206-685-2910 SSW 225 F
Rona Levy Professor, Associate Dean for Research rlevy@uw.edu 206-543-5917 SSW 211A
Warren Leyh Clinical Assistant Professor wleyh@uw.edu
Juliann Li Verdugo PhD Student jverdugo@uw.edu SSW B018B
Michael Light Lecturer
Keith Ligon Software Engineer, CSSAT kligon@uw.edu Off-Campus
Taryn Lindhorst Director of and Behar Professor in Integrative Oncology and Palliative Care Social Work tarynlin@uw.edu 206-616-2152 SSW 301
Laurie Lippold Director of Public Policy/ P4C llippold@uw.edu 206-221-3135 P4C
Marie Loeb Lecturer