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First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone Location Office
J’May Rivara Associate Teaching Professor Emerita jbr@uw.edu 206-799-4028
Kailan Bergstrom Programming & Training Specialist, Healthy Generations Hartford Center kailantb@uw.edu 206-221-9001 Off-Campus Suite 203, George Russell Hall
Karen Wollemborg Lecturer, Office of Field Education kwollem@uw.edu 206-543-1646 SSW 136A
Karen Fredriksen Goldsen Professor; Director, Healthy Generations Hartford COE fredrikk@uw.edu 206-543-5722 SSW 202
Karen Segar Data Manager, Goldsen Institute ksegar@uw.edu 206-543-8445 SSW 136E
Karina Walters Professor, Katherine Hall Chambers Scholar; Co-director, IWRI kw5@uw.edu 206-543-5647 SSW 201
Kata Issari Lecturer
Katarina Guttmannova Adjunct Faculty kg27@uw.edu
Kate German Conference Coordinator 2, Alliance kgerma2@uw.edu Off-Campus
Katelyn Song Lecturer
Kath Wilham Editor kwilham@uw.edu SSW 120
Katherine Painter Program Operations Specialist, Forefront Suicide Prevention kapaint@uw.edu SSW RC Forefront 252
Kathy Brennan Program Manager/ P4C kdb14@uw.edu 206-221-3130
Kathy Taylor Assistant Teaching Professor, CWTAP kqtaylor@uw.edu 206-543-6319 111A
Kati Brown Community Engagement Coordinator for Eastern Washington, Alliance brownk77@uw.edu Off-Campus
Katia Jossa-Jouable Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead katiaj@uw.edu 206-543-5154 SSW 220C
Katie Price Lecturer
Kayla Brown Lecturer
Kayla Huddleston Academic Services Assistant Director huddleup@uw.edu 206-685-2425 SSW 023B
Keith Ligon Software Engineer, CSSAT kligon@uw.edu Off-Campus
Kelsey Conrick PhD Student kmc621@uw.edu SSW
Kendra Roberson Lecturer kacey@uw.edu 253-830-4910 SSW 127H
Kevin Haggerty Emeritus Professor for Prevention haggerty@uw.edu SSW
Khalfani Mwamba Assistant Teaching Professor, Office of Field Education mwambk@uw.edu 206-685-3173 SSW 112J
Kidesti Tadesse Human Resources Dept Mgr/Admin kidesti@uw.edu 206-616-7233 SSW 210G