Eddie Uehara

Professor and Ballmer Endowed Dean in Social Work

At the School of Social Work, we’re in the business of seeking solutions to the most intractable social issues of our day. We do this by modeling what a great research university can and must do to serve society. We bring keen analysis and evidence to address complex problems. We partner strategically. We foster powerful programs. We recruit and educate the best and the brightest to service and leadership.

Every day, we demonstrate that a great social work school can possess scientific stature, academic strength and public merit. In the Pacific Northwest, collaboration comes naturally. We live and work in a culture where community engagement, risk-taking and innovation are the norm. When we add hands-on research, high ideals and hard work—social work becomes social change.

I hope our story will bolster your belief in the power of social change and inspire you to join us in our work.