Advise, support and exchange ideas. Social Work Alumni Advocate Partners (SWAAP) are passionate UW School of Social Work graduates who voluntarily serve as alumni advocates. They are equity-driven mentors who inspire and support prospective and current BASW, MSW and PhD students seeking valuable alumni perspectives.

SWAAP are reliable communicators, eager to connect by sharing their stories and answering questions from an honest alumni advocate perspective—questions about career paths, program strengths and challenges, and UW or post-graduation experiences. As enthusiastic advocates for the School, SWAAP are excited to help plan alumni events, recruit guest speakers and network with young alumni.

Why join SWAAP?

Volunteering as a SWAAP provides young alumni with enriching opportunities for résumé building, networking, and community building—while giving back to your UW alma mater. We invite you to share your wisdom and experience with the next generation of social work students and to help us elevate the social work profession by mentoring and supporting Huskies!

Potential SWAAP activities

Advising with prospective students (via email or Zoom), mentorship with current students or young alumni, helping with School community event planning, managing the annual alumni awards process, attending quarterly meetings and more.

Advising and mentorship

As a SWAAP member, you will be expected to advise prospective students throughout the year—typically busiest in Oct./Nov. and March/April—as well as current students or young alumni. These requests cannot be predicted but will be shared with SWAAP members as appropriate, for response.  

Time commitment

We ask that you commit to a nine-month term (Sept.–June) and attend SWAAP quarterly meetings (virtual is an option for those not in the area, post-pandemic). In addition to quarterly meetings, you may volunteer for sub-committees as the needs arise. We also ask that you attend one to two School events per year. 

Overall, we predict the quarterly commitment to be anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. We always encourage SWAAP members to inform us if they are receiving too many requests or unable to fulfil these expectations; it is important that SWAAP members reliably communicate with us and the students they serve.