Using science to accelerate social good

Over the years, our faculty and researchers have achieved national recognition for research funding, scholarly productivity and social impact. David Takeuchi, associate dean for faculty excellence, and Rona Levy, associate dean for research, play key roles in fostering this climate of innovation. Together, they continue the School's tradition of high-impact scholarship as they search for ways to enable faculty, researchers and doctoral students to establish new research programs and creatively expand into new areas of scholarship.

Studying cannabis use

Research professor Denise Walker studies cannabis treatment and abuse, a field bridging culture, policy and health. Much of her work is focused on hard-to-reach populations such as teens, marijuana dependent adults and military personnel


Childhood abdominal pain

Chronic pain often clusters in families but reducing factors such as parental anxiety may lead to improved health for their children. With a $3.8 million grant, Professor Rona Levy studies preventive interventions for at-risk children


Adults and e-cigarettes

Researchers from the School’s Social Development Research Group found that adult smokers who switched to e-cigarettes may also adopt healthier habits, such as more exercise and more social engagement.

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Legalizing marijuana use

A five-year study to evaluate the long-term results of legalizing nonmedical marijuana and the impact on teens, young adults and parents, led by the School’s Social Development Research Group, just received $3 million in federal funding.


Population Health grant

Mental health issues among young people are on the rise. Professor Paula Nurius joins an interdisciplinary team adapting a mental health preventive program aimed at college students andfunded by UW Population Health Initiative.


Fair pay for human services

Salaries for nonprofit human services workers lag behind other sectors, despite the skills required and demanding work. School of Social Work researchers won a City of Seattle contract to conduct a comparable-worth wage analysis with pay recommendations.