Allethia Allen, PhD, Education, Walden University, Assistant Professor Emeritus. Policy, administration, social welfare practice and issues affecting minority population.

Gunnar Almgren, PhD, University of Washington, Professor Emeritus. Social welfare and health care policy, safety-net health care systems, and health and health care disparities.

Nancy Amidei, MSW, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Senior Lecturer Emeritus

William C. Berleman, MSW, Associate Professor Emeritus.

Lynn Carrigan, MSW, University of Washington, Lecturer Emeritus.

Jon R. Conte, PhD, University of Washington, Professor Emeritus

Ronald B. Dear, DSW, Columbia University, Associate Professor Emeritus. Social welfare policy and services, poverty, unemployment and legislative advocacy.

James DeLong, MSW, University of Washington, Lecturer Emeritus

Jack Ellis, MSW, Associate Professor Emeritus

Pauline Erera, PhD, Cornell University; MSW, University of Haifa, Israel. Associate Professor Emeritus. Strengths of diverse families and their unique contribution to vibrant communities

Mary Gillmore, PhD, University of Washington, Professor Emeritus

Nancy Grote, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Research Associate Professor Emeritus

J. David Hawkins, PhD, Northwestern University, Endowed Professor of Prevention Emeritus; Founding Director, Social Development Research Group

James Herrick, DSW, Associate Professor Emeritus. Research and practice effectiveness, social policy and planning, and social work and the justice system.

John F. Longres, PhD, University of Michigan. Professor Emeritus. Race and ethnicity, troubled and delinquent adolescents, and human behavior.

Marcia K. Meyers, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Professor Emeritus

Diane Morrison, PhD, University of Washington, Professor Emeritus. Sexuality, attitude-behavior relationshi, and health-related decision making.

Leon Preston, MSW, University of Washington, Lecturer Emeritus

Cheryl A. Richey, DSW, University of California, Berkeley. Professor Emeritus. Gender issues, social skills training, and cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches.

Roger Roffman, DSW, University of California, Berkeley. Professor Emeritus. Alcohol and substance abuse prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, and research and practice methods.

Sue Sohng, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Associate Professor, Emeritus

E.C. Teather, MSW, Associate Professor Emeritus. Child and family welfare, inter-professional collaboration and social work in public schools.

Dorothy van Soest, DSW, Catholic University, Professor Emeritus. Violence prevention, the global crisis of violence, cultural diversity and social justice issues.

Richard A. Weatherley, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Emeritus. Political economy, and social welfare policy development, analysis and implementation.

Elizabeth Wells, PhD, University of Washington, Research Professor Emeritus. Treatment of substance abuse disorders; prevention of HIV and other diseases transmitted sexually or through drug use, and implementation of evidence-based practices in community treatment.

James K. Whittaker, PhD, University of Minnesota, Charles O. Cressey Endowed Professor Emeritus. Integrating evidence-based practices into contemporary child and family services including residential treatment; therapeutic foster care and intensive community and family-centered treatment alternatives; child welfare history and policy; cross-national comparisons of child and family policy and services, and social networks and social support.