SELF-ASSESSMENT Learn about yourself.  You want to choose job fields in social work that fit your unique qualities, e.g., abilities, interests, values and lifestyle.  Your social work education is preparing you for work in a variety of settings so it can be difficult to narrow down where you want to focus your energies.  Some possible strategies to help you know yourself better:

  • Current students may want to complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and/or Strong Interest Inventory at the UW Counseling Center for a small fee.  Students may choose a group or individual interpretation of results. For those who are no longer UW Students, you can take MBTI and various other assessments online for a fee.
  • There are also campus workshops on Dependable Strengths for Grad Students and Alumni.  Participants explore good experiences to discover their unique patterns of strengths; identify which strengths they want to use in a career; write a report that articulates their strengths and reflects their potential; learn to use knowledge of their strengths to enhance their network, application materials and interviews.
  • A printed overview of the Dependable Strengths exercises is on pages 5-8 of the UW Career Center’s Career Guide booklet.
  • Faculty, practicum instructors, supervisors, family and friends can also provide helpful feedback about your strengths and interests.
  • Review your achievements in school and at work to identify your talents and interests.  You can peruse this list of foundation skills to help determine your specific abilities and transferable skills.