Leanne Do / Đỗ Kim Liên

BA, Political Science, University of Washington

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Leanne Do teaches a writing course for social work undergraduate students.  Using a social work framework, Leanne helps students to develop, strengthen and practice college level writing.  She recognizes and appreciates multiple discourses and various ways of knowing and writing.  Leanne encourages her students to learn how to meet the expectations of college level writing while cultivating a capacity to question and challenge the assumptions behind these standards.

Leanne first trained as a writing tutor at the UW English Department Writing Center in 2004, completing a comprehensive graduate course in writing theory and praxis.  After working for several years as a writing tutor for students across the disciplines, Leanne became the writing tutor for the MSW Extended Degree Program.  Leanne is now the writing coordinator at the School of Social Work, providing training and supervision to the School’s peer writing tutors.  She encourages the tutors to develop an informed practice based on social justice and social work principles.