Departmental applications for Fall 2019 BASW program admission are available now, with an April 15th deadline. Learn more here! 

The undergraduate program in the School of Social Work offers a bachelor of arts in social welfare (BASW), which prepares entry-level social workers for generalist practice in a multicultural context.

Writing in Social Work in the 21st Century, David Austin notes: “social work today is a major profession. It includes intervention models that deal with individuals and households, with communities, with organizations, and with social policy. As members of a major profession, social workers work in all types of communities, serving individuals and households from all economic levels, from all types of cultural and social backgrounds.” To prepare you for these responsibilities, the undergraduate program in social welfare combines classroom learning, community service and 480 hours of supervised field experience.

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredits the BASW program, which is structured according to the standards set by the CSWE. The social work program at the University of Washington, Tacoma is accredited by the CSWE as a BASW program option of the University of Washington in Seattle.

The School of Social Work has two entry points to the Seattle BASW Program. Traditionally admitted students apply during spring of the sophomore year and receive a decision during spring. Applications are accepted for fall quarter from both UW students and UW transfer applicants.