Let's Talk Tech © was developed by Dr. Clara Berridge in collaboration with the University of Washington’s Clinical Informatics Research Group with funding from the National institute on Aging (K01AG062681). It is a research-based, self-administered intervention delivered in the form of a web-app to help families talk about technologies used to support older adults living with dementia at home.

Naturally, people feel differently about using technologies in the home that collect data about them to support their care. The goals are to educate people about diverse technologies and to engage older adults in talking about what they would or would not like to use to make it easier for care partners to follow their choices.

The development of Let’s Talk Tech and resulting research advances the scientific understanding of how to engage people living with dementia in decisions for how they will be monitored to reduce risks to their privacy and autonomy. It helps families navigate a complex technology landscape. Effectively involving people living with mild dementia in these decisions will enable families to experience the benefits of these technologies and improve their health and well-being.


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Pilot Study Publications:

Berridge, C. Turner, N.R., Liu, L., Karras, S.W., Chen, A., Fredriksen-Goldsen, K., Demiris, G. (2022). Advance planning for technology use in dementia care: development, design and feasibility of a novel self-administered decision-making tool. JMIR Aging. doi:10.2196/39335


Related Publications:

Berridge, C., Zhou, Y., Lazar, A., Porwal, A., Mattek, N., Gothard, S., Kaye, J. Control matters in elder care technology: Evidence and direction for designing it in. In Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS ’22), June 13–17, 2022, Virtual Event, Australia. ACM, New York, NY, USA, https://doi.org/10.1145/3532106.3533471 *Best Paper Award*

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K01 Mentoring Team and Consultants:

Karen Fredriksen Goldsen, University of Washington
George Demiris, University of Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Kaye, Oregon Health & Science University
Karen Lyons, Boston College

NIH/NIA, K01: “Engaging older adults with cognitive impairment in planning for technology use in their care: the Identifying Needs for Optimal Remote Monitoring tool (INFORM)”
Principal Investigator(s):