Monday, March 2, 2020

Congratulations are in order for the terrific School of Social Work staff colleagues who were nominated for the University of Washington 2020 Distinguished Staff Awards. They are:

  • Vicki Anderson-Ellis, Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
  • Brooks Callison, Digital Media Technician
  • Jenn Maglalang, Director of Admissions

And the members of the Latino Center for Health staff:

  • Antoinette Angulo, Community Engagement Specialist
  • Mikaela Freundlich, Program Coordinator
  • Daron Ryan, Research Coordinator

The University of Washington Distinguished Staff Award is a University-wide recognition that honors the accomplishments of individual and team-based staff whose work not only represents the mission of the University of Washington in education, research and service but contributes to building a strong community through their professional and personal efforts. The UW staff are honored with a recognition ceremony in late February and winners are announced in April 2020. For more information on the UW Distinguished Staff Award, go to:

Congratulations to all nominated!