This equipment reservation form is for School of Social Work faculty, staff and students who are planning events or conducting classroom demonstrations. Please note that this form does not reserve classrooms or meeting rooms. Room reservations are required for all SSW managed "conference" rooms. Visit or call the main office (room 220) to make a reservation (206-221-7441) or email  Classroom space for non-course use must be reserved through the UW ( or call 206-685-0540 .)

Notice: SSW no longer supplies clickers. The instructpor needs to provde these.

  • Laptops can be reserved via:
  • Basement (B) level classrooms B10, 12 and 14 are equipped with Projector, Speakers, and a Pull-Down Screen - 5'10"x5'10" . If you need to play a DVD on Large Screen, request a DVD Player. 
  • All other classrooms are equipped with: Built-in A/V equipment that includes: Video/Data Projector, either a Large Screen LCD Panel or Pull-Down Screen.
  • Conference room 116 has a conference phone and projector.
  • Conference room 125, has a large LCD Panel.
  • Conference room 1 in the Research Commons has a Conference phone and a 27" Apple iMac. (Room 1 is too small for projector use)
  • Conference rooms 2 & 3 in the Research Commons have a Conference phone and Windows desktops with 24" monitors. Room 3 has a screen and a laptop and projector will need to be reserved.
  • Research Commons “Open Areas”: Laptop, Projector, Portable Screen, and DVD Player will need to be reserved.
  • Conference Room 236 has a conference phone.
  • Conference rooms: 305 A&B and 306 A&B are equipped with a built in A/V System, with Laptop, Projector, DVD/VCR player, Large Projection Screens, Lg. LCD Panel’s, Handheld MICS, and Lapel Mics

To see full details of SSW “Classroom” Schematics and Equipment, go to the UW Classroom and Technology & Events web site

If you need to cancel your reservation, contact us as soon as possible by emailing with the date, time and place of your event. This helps to ensure that other members of the social work community have access to the equipment.

We observe the scheduled UW holiday closures.

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