At the core of our mission is social justice and racial equity for all—foundational tenets that inform, drive and strengthen everything we do, from teaching and research to public service and community engagement.

At the School of Social Work, we are committed to having the courageous conversations it takes to address the critical issues of race and equity that we as a school, a university and a country face. In 2018, we are conducting workshops on implicit bias, hosting guest speakers, and working with our equity council and critical community response team to identify opportunities for dialog and action in response to issues impacting the vulnerable communities we serve.

In January, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity published the 2017–2021 UW Diversity Blueprint to provide an overarching framework so that each academic unit can align its particular priorities and measure its success. The blueprint established six key goals:

  1. Cultivate an inclusive campus climate

  2. Attract, retain and graduate a diverse and excellent student body

  3. Attract and retain a diverse faculty
  4. Attract and retain a diverse staff
  5. Assess tri-campus diversity needs
  6. Improve accountability and transparency.

Our call to action

We welcome your feedback on how the School of Social Work can improve, educate and strengthen our diversity efforts in these key areas. If you have ideas, suggestions or resources, please contact Margaret Spearmon, chief officer of community engagement and diversity for the School of Social Work at