Workforce for Student Well-being (WSW) is a conditional-grant program for graduate-level students interested in pursuing school-based social work by serving in Washington state high-need K-12 public or tribal schools.

Participating students may receive up to $30,000 to offset master’s degree expenses, depending on the students’ financial need. The grant is provided in return for completing specialized field education placements in a WSW-approved local education agency (LEA) and by meeting a postgraduate employment requirement of at least two academic years in a high-need public or tribal school.

Students participating in the program are also required to:

  • Earn a 12-hour state Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Certificate.
  • Participate in an annual WSW conference, a professional networking retreat.
  • Complete pre-service training, including a 30-hour Community of Practice experience with peers.
  • Receive post-graduation career placement support on taking a leadership role in a high-need public or tribal school.

For more detailed information about this program, download WSW At a Glance.