Registration Instructions for Courses That Require Approval  

Students who plan to register for the following courses must first get the approval of the Professor and then the PhD Program Director.  This is done through the STAR portal.   

  • Soc Wl 515 – Service Practicum
  • Soc Wl 582 – Research Practicum
  • Soc Wl 583 – Research Practicum
  • Soc Wl 584 – Teaching Practicum
  • Soc Wl 600 – Independent Study/Research
  • Soc Wl 800 – Dissertation 

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Student contacts Professor and asks if they can be the instructor for this course.
  2. Student logs into STAR and completes the appropriate registration form.
  3. Student notifies the Professor that the registration form has been input into STAR and asks that it be reviewed. 
  4. When the Professor approves the registration form in the STAR system, it will automatically be routed to the PhD Program Director.
  5. When the PhD Program Director approves the registration form, the STAR system will assign a faculty id number to the professor teaching the course.   
  6. After the faculty id number is assigned, the student uses the course information, faculty id number, etc., found in the registration form and registers in My UW.   
  7. If the Professor or the PhD Director requests that the student make changes to the registration form and the student does not make the changes, the form will remain in STAR indefinitely. 
  8. After the student makes the changes requested by the PhD Director, the form will be re-routed to the Professor for approval.  After the Professor approves it again, the form will then be re-routed back to the PhD Program Director. 
  9. The STAR system does not automatically notify students, professors or the PhD Office staff of pending registration forms.  It is the responsibility of the student to track the form and follow up accordingly. 

Please allow at least 2 weeks before the first day of the quarter for the registration form to be processed.