The Student Services office will notify students (via e-mail) of the registration dates and procedures for the following quarter. 

Web Registration

Students register via the web on MyUW using their UW NetID and password to access the site. Students register for classes using the 5-digit schedule line number (SLN). For some courses, the SLN and a 5-digit faculty id number may be required.

For help with registration please contact  Student Services at  206-543.8617 or Email.  Students with disabilities are also asked to contact Student Services if registration assistance is needed.

Students are encouraged to use the Academic Calendar to familiarize themselves with registration periods, tuition deadlines, holidays, final exam schedules and other important dates.  Please remember that it is student's responsibility to adhere to the deadlines noted in the Academic Calendar.

Courses That Require Professor & PhD Program Director Approval (STAR)

Soc Wl 515 (Community Service), Soc Wl 582 & 583 (Research Practicums), Soc Wl 584 (Teaching Practicum), Soc Wl 600 (Independent Study/Research Practicum) and Soc Wl 800 (Dissertation) credits must be approved by the professor and the PhD Program Director before faculty id numbers are issued and the student can register.  In order to facilitate this process, students must complete the appropriate registration forms in the STAR system.  The forms must include details about the substance of the course, tasks, and the written product to be evaluated.

The completed forms must be submitted in the STAR system at least two weeks before the first day of the  quarter.  For step by step instructions about this process please review registration instructions

Adding and Dropping Courses

Adding and dropping courses is done via Web Registration (MyUW). The following is a summary of relevant times for adding and dropping courses during a quarter.  Additional information about adding and dropping courses during a quarter can be found at the Drops, Withdrawals, Forfeitures & Refunds page.   

Week 1 of the quarter: During the first week of the quarter, students may add and drop classes for any reason. No notation will be made on the transcript.

Weeks 2–7: Any courses added or dropped after the first week of the quarter are subject to a late fee. If a student drops all classes after the first week, they will be charged one-half of their quarterly tuition, based on the number of credits for which they were registered at the end of the first week. After the second week, a notation of “W” will appear on the transcript along with a number representing the week in the quarter when the class was dropped. Entry codes from SSW Student Services are required to add or drop.

Unrestricted drops are permitted only during the first two weeks of each quarter. Each student will be permitted to drop one course between Week 3 and the end of Week 7 of any one quarter each year (Autumn-Summer Quarters).

After Week 7: No official withdrawal will be permitted after the seventh week of the quarter except under extremely unusual circumstances (see Drops, Withdrawals, Forfeitures & Refunds). Drops from a course accomplished by other methods are not official and can result in a grade of 0.0.