If you’re passionate about social justice, helping others, and enacting change, our Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare is the undergraduate program for you. Our program combines classroom learning, community service, and 480 hours of supervised field education to give you the grounding required to be a focused and effective change maker.

BASW Program

The BASW program trains students for entry-level positions in the helping professions and prepares them to take action against injustice and inequalities.

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BASW Application

The BASW program seeks individuals who are interested in tackling complex social problems and who are committed to becoming social change agents.

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Alumni Profiles

Social Work Alumni Advocate Partners (SWAAP) are passionate UW School of Social Work graduates who voluntarily serve as alumni advocates. They are equity-driven mentors who inspire and support prospective and current BASW, MSW and PhD students as well as early career alumni seeking valuable alumni perspectives.

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BASW Application FAQ

Who can apply? What are the prerequisites? What's the application timeline? It can feel overwhelming to apply to a major, but we're here to help. Check out our BASW FAQ page to get your BASW application questions answered.

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