The evaluation team co-led by Drs. Kevin Haggerty and Angelique Day will conduct a rigorous, practical and feasible program evaluation plan that will document and support the achievement of the purposes of the funding opportunity announcement and contribute to continuous quality improvement. The evaluation team comprised for this FOA brings many years of experience in conducting research and evaluation. The evaluation will include program outcomes, implementation, including fidelity monitoring, dissemination and a cost evaluation. During the year 1, UW will lead the literature review, which will provide the foundation for competencies and help guide the content of curriculum. UW will also assist with identification of evidence-based models of care and curricula that exist for this population. In years 3-4, UW will be involved with site infusion teams, leading efforts to ensure that data can be tracked to determine the effectiveness of curriculum. The focus of Year 5 will be the analysis of state and national administrative data collected to assess the intermediate and long-term outcomes of the curriculum on placement stability, permanency, child and family well-being.

Spaulding Foundation/Children’s Bureau
Principal Investigator(s):