The Center for Social Sector Analytics and Technology, founded in 2019, provides the social service community with the tools and knowledge needed to address pressing information and systems challenges. Its approach integrates systems thinking, state-of-the art quantitative analysis, and an understanding of human and institutional behavior into its methodologies. CSSAT, a collaboration between the School of Social Work and Washington State’s Department of Children Youth and Families, has developed the following tools:

  • Sprout: A web-based application that helps streamline the reporting requirements of child welfare service providers. The tool can be used across all social services to provide a more holistic picture of the clients served and to improve the array of services offered.
  • Child Well-Being Data Portal: By incorporating a collection of interactive data visualization tools, the portal helps provide detailed, customizable data about children and families in Washington state’s child welfare system. 
  • Analytical Case Management: This case-management curriculum helps social workers in the field apply scientific principles, such as measurement, analysis and logical reasoning, to design social service interventions and case plans.
  • Dependent Child Legal Representation Evaluation: This tool helps evaluate whether children in dependency proceedings will benefit from legal representation.

For more information, go to the Center for Social Sector Analytics and Technology