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Partners for Our Children (P4C) works to eliminate inequities and promote inter-generational family well-being by advancing research, evaluation, and evidence-informed policy and practice. In collaboration with its partners, local communities and those with lived expertise, P4C’s mission is to transform the child welfare system and create structural changes that are antiracist and affirm all families. Key initiatives include: 

  • Strive: Strive is a parent-engagement program that aims to support parents when their children are placed in out-of-home care. The program’s goals are visitation-practice reform, relational permanence and family reunification. Strive Online helps visit-supervisors to engage and support parents in maintaining attachments and in having quality visits with their children during supervised family time.  
  • Training Evaluation: P4C evaluates the training of workers and caregivers statewide—in partnership with the Department of Children, Youth and Families and the Alliance for Professional Development, Training and Caregiver Excellence—with the goal of ensuring a highly skilled and well-prepared workforce of caseworkers and foster and relative caregivers.
  • Policy: P4C aims to advance equity-driven policy initiatives and to translate research and other evidence into digestible and actionable findings for policy, practice and system reform.
For more information, visit Partners for Our Children, or contact P4C Executive Director Emiko Tajima.