The School of Social Work ombud is a tenured member of the faculty elected by staff, the student body, and faculty to a term of office beginning in the fall quarter after election in the spring and serving for two academic years. While in office the ombud does not serve in an administrative post within the School of Social Work, such as associate dean or program director.

Any School of Social Work student, staff member or faculty member of any rank may approach the ombud with a complaint regarding possible infringement of rights or interests, lack of appropriate action by others, or a complaint naming another member of the School of Social Work community.

The ombud accepts academic and nonacademic complaints. Academic concerns include, but are not limited to, instructional methods, classroom interaction patterns and grading procedures. Nonacademic concerns include, but are not limited to, perceptions of discrimination and unfair treatment. The ombud role is that of mediator, not advocate.  

School of Social Work Ombud position description

The current ombud is William (Bill) Vesneski

University of Washington Ombud Office