Using School of Social Work-managed email lists

The School of Social Work provides moderated email lists for official communications to faculty (sswfac), staff (sswstaff), student cohorts (baswseniors, baswjuniors, sswmswday, sswmswedp, sswphd) and the School community (sswall), which includes all faculty, staff and students.

These managed lists are moderated throughout the weekdays to help ensure that messages are relevant, appropriate and timely. All email announcements must come from an active UW email account holder (except sswjobs). Anonymous postings are prohibited.

All messages must also meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • University business-related updates that impact the School of Social Work.
  • Special events and lectures held at the School of Social Work.
  • Special events and lectures sponsored by the School of Social Work.
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer or professional development that do not require a fee.
  • Congratulatory and milestone announcements of broad interest to faculty, staff or students.
  • Announcements from School organizations that are relevant to the wider School community.
  • Announcements from School facility managers, including emergency notifications.

To share general information and job opportunities

If you wish to subscribe to or unsubscribe from sswtalk or sswjobs, complete the requested information on the sswtalk or sswjobs log-in page. These managed email lists are a voluntary opt-in feature.

  • sswjobs provides a place to send both job postings and volunteer opportunities, and may be posted by anyone inside or outside the University community.

Note: Some low-cost advertisements for training directly related to social work are accepted if the classes support, for example, graduates working towards licensure.


If you have questions about your announcement or the status of an email you’ve submitted for a specific distribution, contact the following:

If you have general questions about policies, list membership and procedures for the School’s managed email lists, contact Jon Hauser.