Our faculty and staff are here to provide you with an exceptional level of instruction and support as you complete your MSW degree requirements.

Please take a moment to learn more about us by selecting the links to faculty and staff bios below. If you have any questions, please send your email to cwtapnfo@uw.edu


Zynovia Hetherington, MSW, M.ED; CWTAP Director and Teaching Professor—
Email, 206-543-5734, Room 127M

Gerilyn Myers, MSW; Associate CWTAP Director; Assistant Teaching Professor—
Email, 206-685-4460, Room 111A

Glen Gonzalez, MSW, Teaching Associate—Email, 206-221-5016, Room 127

Shareece Hayes, MSW, Teaching Associate—Email, Room 111A

Shawnti Johnson, MSW,Teaching Associate—Email, 206-897-1835, Room 111A

Tricia Sarahs, MSW, Teaching Associate—Email, 206-465-5692, Room 111A

Beth Yu Simpson, MSW, Field Instructor—Email, 206-221-5016, Room 127

Lara Thompson, MSW, Assistant Teaching Professor—Email, 206-221-5016, Room 127

Brian Walton, MSW, Teaching Associate—Email, 206-221-5016, Room 127


Larisa V. Baturevych, Program Manager—Email, 206-616-7508, Room 111B

Jennifer Grant, Manager of Program Operations, Assistant to the Director—
Email, 206-543-5647, Room 111C

Poonam Lata, Assistant to the Associate Director—Email, 206-616-7422, Room 111C

Shirah Miller, Instructional Designer—Email, 310-245-0864, Room 111C

Tommisha Moore-Holliman, Student Services Advisor and Program Coordinator—
Email, 206-543-1522, Room 111