The following conditions constitute grounds for possible alteration of a student's standing and will result in review of the student with the possibility of probationary action ultimately leading to possible dismissal from the PhD Program:

  • two consecutive quarters of below “B” (3.0) average work,
  • failing a required course twice,
  • failing any section of year-one comprehensive examinations twice,
  • failure to constitute a Supervisory Committee by the beginning of year 3,
  • failure to pass all components of the General Examination within 3 years of entering the program (includes the summer after year 3),
  • failure to complete dissertation within 3 years after reaching PhC status,
  • failure to maintain Standards for Essential Abilities and Attributes for Continuance in the School of Social Work as defined in the manual sections on Standards of Conduct and Grievance Procedures and Important University and Social Work Policies.